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Innovators in Eco-Friendly Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Packaging Innovations

We Are Packaging Innovators

When you partner with EcoEnclose for your packaging, you join a community of over 30,000 EcoAllies - brands whose commitment to sustainable packaging has fueled our ability to innovate our packaging solutions towards our ultimate vision of materials circularity.
Your collective commitment has fueled many sustainability improvements - big and small - over the years. These groundbreaking innovations often become standard offerings in the packaging industry, meaning our community is creating broad, lasting change.
Thank you for investing in the planet, being part of our EcoAlly community, and helping eCommerce become a positive force for the planet.

What it is: Retail boxes and folding cartons with windows made from regenerative seaweed film designed by Sway.

How you brought it to life: Pushing us for more regenerative packaging solutions.

What it is: A plastic-free alternative to traditional plastic pallet wrap that offers similar protection while being curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable.

How you brought it to life: Collaborating with us to identify best use cases for curbside recyclable wrap.

What it is: A post-consumer content palstic pallet wrap uiquely derived from LDPE film rather than rigid HDPE. The ability to convert LDPE film back into LDPE film is a major environmental win.

How you brought it to life: Committing to circularity and demanding post-consumer waste packaging.

What it is: A unique curbside recyclabe paper pouch solution featuring a heat-sealable water-based coating that provides a barrier to grease, water, and moisture.

How you brought it to life: Constantly asking us for an eco-friendlier pouch.

What it is: PCR and recycle-ready flexible film stand up pouches for food, liquids, and more. We are looking for customers interested in 15,000+ eco-friendly pouches.

How you brought it to life: Constantly asking us for an eco-friendlier pouch.

What it is: Kraft Bag & Seals made with next-generation wheat straw fibers and recycled content. We are looking for brands to join our pilot program, test these bags, and provide feedback.

How you brought it to life: Constantly asking us for next-generation fibers.

What it is: Carbon-negative, black printing ink whose pigment is made with algae cells.

How you brought it to life: Taking a chance on this ink during R&;D allowed us to test, improve formulations, and launch for paper and poly packaging.

What it is: A 100% recycled, curbside recyclable, naturally biodegradable, and paper-based alternative to the ubiquitous clear poly bag.

How you brought it to life: Constantly asking us how you can eliminate plastic from your inner packaging.

What it is: Durable mailer designed for reuse. Customers receive orders in these mailers and ship them back to be used again...and again.

How you brought it to life: Asking if reusable can be used for eCommerce packaging.  

What it is: An upgraded glassine bag with no gussets, hidden vent slits instead of holes, strong resealable adhesive, and a sleeker design.

How you brought it to life: Sharing very honest feedback on the first version of our glassine bag.

What it is: Constantly increasing post-consumer content. Our poly mailers have 50%, our bubble mailers have 10%.

How you brought it to life: Your collective buying power fuels our ability to push reclaimers and extruders to work with ever-increasing levels of PCW.

What it is: Packaging from recycled content and wheat straw - our first investment in next-gen alternatives.

How you brought it to life: Communities like the Responsible Packaging Movement and organizations like Canopy stressed the importance of next gen paper inputs.

What it is: A paper-based, curbside recyclable alternative to a clear poly bag. Wrap this Kraft paper around your goods and seal with a sticker to keep them secure in transit or on shelves.

How you brought it to life: Asking us how to replace poly bags and being willing to test a paper roll wrap strategy.

What it is: A program to ensure our customers have access to plastic film recycling to keep their household polyethylene film out of the landfill.

How you brought it to life: Sharing feedback that many of your customers don't have access to thin-film recycling.

What it is: A thick, 100% recycled, curbside recyclable mailer for plastic-free brands who want durability and a great customer experience.

How you brought it to life: Letting us know you wanted to ditch plastic, but wanted a thicker, more premium option than our thinner paper mailer.

What it is: Stickers and shipping labels with 100% recycled, curbside recyclable release liners. Traditional liners are silicone coated, virgin, and landfill-bound.

How you brought it to life: Telling us how much you hated landfilling liners. We agreed - what a waste that was!

Do you have an idea or nascent technology that would benefit the packaging industry?
Are you looking for a unique, circular solution you haven’t been able to find elsewhere?
We love partnering with brands, manufacturers, and dreamers to turn these concepts into reality.
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Become a Beta User

What is a beta user?

Our objective is collective learning and development. Our beta user program allows brands of all sizes to partner with us to develop new, sustainable packaging solutions. EcoEnclose’s position in the industry allows us to catalyze the packaging industry to be better - connecting sustainability research, disruptive brands, and the greater packaging supply chain. To make these initiatives happen, we need brands to partner, test, and innovate with us.

What to expect from us

We meet with you to learn about your brand, operations, and unique operation. We designate an EcoEnclose project manager to work closely with you to problem solve, test, iterate, and answer questions. We discount beta materials for your use.

We write a custom case study featuring your brand’s role as a packaging innovator, sharing the unique learnings from your tests.

What we expect from you

You engage with us throughout the trial of beta materials to provide ongoing feedback, often in the form of pictures, videos, and written or verbal feedback from your team and customers. You maintain an open mind, collaborative spirit, and curiosity!

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